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Staff and Core Faculty


Core Faculty

Professor Pheng Cheah, Chair
Phone: (510) 642-9426
Fax: (510) 642-5035

Sarah Maxim, Vice Chair

Main Office
Phone: (510) 642-3609
Fax: (510) 642-5035

Benjamin Brinner

Gamelan traditions of Java and Bali, Indonesia

Pheng Cheah 

Legal studies, human rights, globalization and nationalist literature, Indonesia, Malaysia

Catherine Ceniza Choy
Ethnic Studies

Philippine-American history, diaspora studies

Penny Edwards
South and Southeast Asian Studies

Colonial and postcolonial studies, Buddhism, Cambodia and Burma 

Dara O'Rourke
Environmental Science, Policy and Management 


Development and the environment, impact of industrial production on workers and communities in Southeast Asia

Aihwa Ong

Anthropology of citizenship, neoliberalism, global cities, science and technology studies, Southeast Asia, China, and US

Nancy Lee Peluso
Environmental Science, Policy and Management

Environmental sociology and political ecology, landscape history, Indonesia, Malaysia

Sylvia Tiwon
South and Southeast Asian Studies

Literature, gender and cultural studies, Indonesia

Khatharya Um
Ethnic Studies

Refugee and diaspora studies, Cambodia

Peter Zinoman 

Early and modern Southeast Asian history, Vietnam


Past Core Faculty


Jeffrey Hadler (1968-2017), Associate Professor of South & Southeast Asian Studies

Joanna WilliamsEmerita Professor of Art History

Gillian HartEmerita Professor of Geography

James MatisoffEmeritus Professor of Linguistics

Robert ReedEmeritus Professor of Geography

Herbert PhillipsEmeritus Professor of Anthropology

James Anderson (1930-2015), Emeritus Professor of Anthropology

Amin Sweeney (1938-2010), Emeritus Professor of South & Southeast Asian Studies