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Graduate Student News

CSEAS-Affiliated Graduate Students and Alumni News

Jason Morris-Jung (Ph.D., 2013) is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) in Singapore.

Cheong Soon Gan (Ph.D., 2013) is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin-Superior. He was Visiting Assistant Professor of History at Union College in Schenectady, New York in 2012-13. 

Martina Nguyen (Ph.D., 2013) is Assistant Professor of History, Baruch College, City University of New York.

Arjun Subrahmanyan (Ph.D., 2013) is a visiting instructor of History at Utah State University.

Nu-Anh Tran (Ph.D., 2013) is Assistant Professor of History and Asian American Studies Institute at the University of Connecticut. 

Sylvia Nam (Ph.D, 2012) is a University of California President's Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Riverside. 

Joanne Rondilla (Ph.D., 2012) is a lecturer in Asian Pacific American Studies at Arizona State University.

Michael Dwyer (Ph.D., 2011) is a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) in Bogor, Indonesia.

Eric Pido (Ph.D, 2011) is Assistant Professor of Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University. 

Ian Lowman (Ph.D., 2011) is an ACLS New Faculty Fellow for 2012-14 in the Department of Languages and Cultures of Asia at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

Richard Quang-Anh Tran (Ph.D., 2011) is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Southeast Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore.

Lynette Chua (Ph.D., 2011) is Assistant Professor of Law at the National University of Singapore.

Kimberly Hoang (Ph.D., 2011) was awarded the American Sociological Association's prize for best dissertation in 2012. She is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Boston College.

Danielle Lussier (Ph.D, 2011) is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Grinnell College.

Noer Fauzi Rachman (Ph.D., 2011) received the Association of Asian Studies Southeast Asia Council award for best student paper presented at the 2011 AAS annual meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii. The award was announced at the 2012 AAS annual meeting in Toronto. Rachman's paper covered agrarian reform and land title legalization in Indonesia.

Charles Carroll (Ph.D., 2010) is a lecturer in the Department of Sociology at the National University of Singapore.

Alfred Montoya (Ph.D., 2010) is Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at Trinity University (Texas).

Marguerite Bich Nguyen (Ph.D., 2008) is Assistant Professor of English at Wesleyan University.

Ben Tran (Ph.D., 2008) is Assistant Professor of Asian Studies and English at Vanderbilt University.

Jerome Whitington (Ph.D., 2008) is a Fellow at Tembusu College, National University of Singapore.

Ellen Boccuzzi (Ph.D., 2007) is Senior Program Officer for Governance and Law at The Asia Foundation in San Francisco. 

Gerard Sasges (Ph.D., 2006) is Assistant Professor of Southeast Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore. He previously directed the UC Education Abroad Program in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Recent Ph.D. Dissertations


Kah-Wee Lee, "Las Vegas in Singapore: Casinos and the Taming of Vice", 2012

Asian Studies

Leigh-Ashley Lipscomb, "Housing the Truth: The Archived Legacy of Transitional Justice in Timor-Leste", 2011

City and Regional Planning

Ria Hutabarat Lo, "Walkability Planning in Jakarta", 2011

Sylvia Nam, "Speculative Urbanism: The Remaking of Phnom Penh, Cambodia", 2012


Rachel Polimeni, "Health Insurance in Rural Cambodia: Impacts and Selection", 2011


Thao Duong, "Pathways to Oral and Written Language Competence among Young Vietnamese English Language Learners", 2011

Funie Hsu, "Colonial Articulations: English Instruction and the 'Benevolence' of U.S. Overseas Expansion in the Philippines, 1898-1916", 2013

Energy Resources

Deborah Cheng, "The Politics of Pipes: The Persistence of Small Water Networks in Post-Privatization Manila", 2013

Michael Dwyer, "Territorial Affairs: Turning Battlefields into Marketplaces in Postwar Laos", 2011

Environmental Science, Policy and Management

Noer Fauzi Rachman, "The Resurgence of Land Reform Policy and Agrarian Movements in Indonesia", 2011

Ethnic Studies

Khuyen Vu Nguyen, "Writing Between Exilic Homelessness and Situated Nomadism", 2012

Eric Pido, "Migrant Returns: The Transnational Migration of Filipinos, Ambivalence, and the Production of a Balikbayan Economy", 2011

Joanne Rondilla, "Colonial Faces: Beauty and Skin Color Hierarchy in the Philippines and the U.S.", 2012


Anna Armentrout, "The Politics of Experience: Peace Corps Volunteers, Vietnam Veterans and American Internationalism, 1961-1985", 2012

Cheong Soon Gan, "Contested Nationalisms and Propaganda: Birth Pangs of a Malaysian Nation, 1957-1969", 2013

Martina Nguyen, "The Self-Reliant Literary Group (Tu Luc Van Doan): Colonial Modernism in Vietnam, 1932-1941", 2013

Arjun Subrahmanyan, "Reinventing Siam: Ideas and Culture in Thailand, 1920-1944", 2013

Nu-Anh Tran, "Contested Identities: Nationalism in the Republic of Vietnam, 1954-1963", 2013

Interdisciplinary Studies

Matthew Sargent, "The Birth of Globalization: Cross-Cultural Knowledge Transfer along European-Asian Trade Routes and the Rise of the Multicultural Corporation, 1250-1750", 2013

Integrative Biology

Shobi Lawalata, "Historical Biogeography of Sumatra and Western Archipelago, Indonesia: Insights from the Flying Lizards in the Genus Draco (Iguania: Agamidae)", 2011

Jurisprudence and Social Policy

Lynette Chua, "How Does Law Matter to Social Movements? A Case Study of Gay Activism in Singapore", 2011

Political Science

Jonathan Chow, "Religion, Politics and Sex: Contesting Catholic Teaching and Transnational Reproductive Health Norms in the Contemporary Philippines", 2011

Danielle Lussier, "Activating Democracy: Political Participation and the Fate of Regime Change in Russia and Indonesia", 2011


Richard Quang-Anh Tran, "From Red Lights to Red Flags: A History of Gender in Colonial and Contemporary Vietnam," 2011

Social Welfare

Sirojudin Abbas, "Microinsurance and Social Protection for Workers in the Informal Sector in Indonesia: A Study of the Social Welfare Insurance Program (SWIP/ASKESOS)", 2013


Kristel Acacio, "Getting Nurses Here: Migration Industry and the Business of Connecting Philippine-Educated Nurses with United States Employers", 2011

Kimberly Hoang, "New Economies of Sex and Intimacy in Vietnam", 2011

South & Southeast Asian Studies

Ian Lowman, "The Descendants of Kambu: The Political Imagination of Angkorian Cambodia", 2012