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K-14 Outreach

Teacher Training

As part of its Title VI-funded mission as a National Resource Center, CSEAS sponsors outreach programs about Southeast Asia for K-14 educators and students through UC Berkeley's Office of Resources for International and Area Studies (ORIAS).

ORIAS holds professional meetings with educators during the school year that assist with the development of materials and capacity improvement. The main activity for ORIAS is an annual summer institute, held on the Berkeley campus in late July, that focuses on key topics relevant to middle school and high school teachers oriented towards the humanities and social studies. ORIAS also provides outreach to community colleges, with a particular focus on world history courses and improved articulation with California's four-year colleges and universities.

Web Links for Teachers

The ORIAS website is regularly updated and includes links and information for teachers, including curriculum resources

As part of its year-long Islam Today program in 2010 which looked at the issue of new media and youth culture in the Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia, CSEAS and its partner centers at UC Berkeley, the Center of Middle Eastern Studies and the Center for South Asia Studies, developed a website with program descriptions and webcasts as well as a general introduction to Islam in these three world regions with suggestions for further reading and other relevant links.

Speakers Bureau

CSEAS affiliated faculty and advanced graduate students are available to make presentations to Bay Area schools on topics concerning Southeast Asia. For schools or other organizations interested in making use of this expertise, please contact CSEAS by phone at (510) 642-3609, or by email to to discuss possible topics and timing.